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Margaret Wingate, LE
Lesa M. Wingate, LE AE
Electrologist and Aesthetician

Gluten and Vegan Information


The following products contain carmine.
Vegans and those keeping Kosher will want to avoid these makeup colors:

So-Bronze 1, So-Bronze 2, So-Bronze 3

PurePressed Blush: Barely Rose, Cotton Candy, Dubonnet, Flushed, Golden Apricot, Parfait, Sheer Honey, Tawny, Whisper

In Touch Cream Blush: Charisma, Chemistry, Confidence

PurePressed Eye Shadow (Single): Antique Rose, Peach Sherbet, Perfect Pink, Pink Smoke, Supernova, Wine & Roses

PurePressed Eye Shadow (Duos): Oyster/Supernova

PurePressed Eye Shadow (Triples): Pink Bliss, Triple Cognac, Cloud Nine (darkest shade), Think Pink

PurePressed Eye Shadow Kits: Bling, Nighttime, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Eye Gloss: Wine Silk

Cream to Powder Eyeliner: Jewel Box, Plum Plus (dark plum ½ tin)

Liquid Eye Liner: Pinot Noir

PureMoist LipColour: Daisy, Jane, Kirsten, Rose, Sarah, Erin

PureGloss for Lips: Iced Mocha, Pink Candy, Sugar Plum, Tourmaline

Just Kissed: Milan, NYC, Sydney, Madrid, Tokyo

Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara: Dark Auburn, Ripe Plum

Eye Highlighter Pencil

Pencil:  Berry, Crimson, Peach , Plum, Rose, Sienna, Spice, Terra-cotta

Lip Crayons:  Naughty, Tasty, Luscious, Juicy

24-Karat Gold Dust: Rose Gold

Eye Steppes: Rosy (goBlue) and Sepia (goGreen)


HE Lip Balm, Lip Drink, Absence, Pure Moist Lip Colour, Active Light, Pure Brow, Enlighten, More Lip, Lengthening Mascara, Longest Lash Mascara, Super Shape Me (in brow wax), Corrective Color, Sugar & Butter (plumper), In Touch Cream Blush and CircleDelete, Bitty Brow Kit.


Lip Crayons:  Naughty, Tasty, Luscious, Juicy, Tempting


(please note that the following products are cruelty free):

Goat hair: The Handi Brush, The Retractable Handi, Chisel Powder Brush, Blending Brush, Kabuki Brush, White Fan Brush, Dome Brush, Crease Brush, Chisel Shader Brush
Pony hair: Oval Blender Brush, Eye Shader Brush, Eye Contour Brush, Mini-Dome Brush, Small Fluff Brush, Smudge Brush
Ox hair: Angle Definer Brush
Pony and ox hair: Deluxe Shader Brush, Large Shader Brush
Pony and goat hair: Retractable Lip Brush
Boar bristle: Eye Brush/Comb


Absence and Absence 2
White/Pink Highlighter Pencil
Double Dazzle Highlighter Pencil
PureBrow Fix & Mascara
PureBrow Gel
PureLash Extender & Conditioner
PureLash Mascara and PureLash Lengthening Mascara
Lip Crayons

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