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Margaret Wingate, LE
Lesa M. Wingate, LE AE
Electrologist and Aesthetician

Dehydrated Skin


GM Collin Hydramucine Cleansing MilkHYDRAMUCINE® CLEANSING MILK

An incredibly creamy emulsion for beautiful, radiant skin.

Deliciously scented, this cleanser gently removes make-up and impurities to leave the skin feeling supple and soft.

Essential oils of lavender, grapefruit, lemon and eucalyptus purify, soothe and refresh. Leaves the skin clear and cleansed.

For normal to dry and dehydrated skin







GM Collin ExfozymeEXFOZYME

Exfozyme is an enzyme-based exfoliant that requires no mechanical manipulation. It refines the skin texture and brightens the complexion.

Exfozyme exfoliates gently, yet effectively. Contains a complex of essential oils that purify, refresh soothe, and prevent dehydration.

Gentle, creamy-textured exfoliant, can be used around the eyes. Suitable for all skin types, and is particularly appreciated by sensitive skin.







GM Collin Intensive Exfoliation GelINTENSIVE EXFOLIATING GEL

This highly innovative dual action gel exfoliates and tones the skin in just one step. Enriched with oligo-elements, this exfoliating treatment brightens and hydrates, leaving the skin pure, fresh and luminous.

A unique exfoliant combining the Subtilisin enzyme (identical to the one found in the skin) and other active ingredients for added nourishing benefits.

Formula designed for all skin types and conditions, including sensitive skin.







GM Collin Phytoaromatic GommagePHYTOAROMATIC GOMMAGE

Phytoaromatic Gommage offer a 2-in-1 action, as it can be used as a mask and an exfoliant.

Combines botanical extracts and Polyethylene beads to soften, nourish and hydrate the skin, without irritation. Essential Oils provide an antiseptic effect by balancing and purifying the skin.

Phytoaromatic Gommage softens, soothes and restores the skin for a clear and radiant complexion.  Suitable for all skin types, and is particularly appreciated by normal to oily skin.







GM Collin Hydramucine Treating LotionHYDRAMUCINE® TREATING LOTION

Hydramucine Treating Lotion incorporates the latest advances in biotechnology, vegetal and natural extracts to restore and rehydrate dehydrated skin.

Alcohol, fragrance and colorant free, it offers a revolutionary approach to skin hydration. It rebalances the dermis and helps it achieve the equilibrium and optimal levels of hydration.

Hydramucine Treating Lotion has a hydro-regulating effect, which allows the skin to better protect itself against dehydrating conditions.







GM Collin Hydramucine ConcentrateHYDRAMUCINE® CONCENTRATE

Provides immediate moisture for improving skin’s absorption and balance.

Hydramucine Concentrate is an intensive rehydrating formula, designed for dehydrated skin.

Hydramucine Concentrate moisturizes and energizes the skin.  Used alone or under a G.M. Collin treatment cream, it reinforces the moisturizing action of the cream.

Contains ingredients derived from biotechnology to regulate the skin’s ability to retain moisture. The result is skin that better maintains its hydric level, more resistant to dehydration, remains plump and supple longer.

For all skin types.





GM Collin Hydramucine CreamHYDRAMUCINE® CREAM

Hydramucine Cream is a revolutionary approach to skin hydration incorporating the latest advances in Biotechnology, vegetal extracts, and a complex of essential oils to restore and rehydrate dehydrated skin. Known for its dermo-corrective action, G.M. Collin’s skin care rebalances the skin and helps it achieve its equilibrium and optimal levels of hydration.

Hydramucine Cream instantly rehydrates the skin.  It also has a hydro-regulating effect, which allows the skin to better protect itself against dehydrating conditions.  Used in association with Hydramucine Cleansing Milk, Lotion, and Concentrate, Hydramucine Cream will restore the resilience, elasticity, and radiance to your clients complexion.





GM Collin Hydramucine Optimal CreamHYDRAMUCINE® OPTIMAL CREAM

Hydramucine Optimal Cream has a velvety textured formulation designed to increase the water level in the skin and the lipidic protection of normal to dry skin suffering from dehydration. In addition, the cream is filled with vegetal microspheres, which form water microreservoirs in the skin. The active fraction of chestnut and the phytoceramides promote the synthesis of epidermal lipids.

Reveal, day after day, a radiant skin with a refined and smooth texture.








GM Collin Hydramucine Optimal GelHYDRAMUCINE® OPTIMAL GEL

A recognized pioneer, G.M Collin is the first to combine pomegranate extract, which stimulates the skin’s natural channels of hydration (aquaporines 3) with the Asian plants bamboo, water lily and lotus, which increase the capacity of the cells to retain water.

Hydramucine Optimal Gel is compromised of a light texture and ultra-fresh scent to meet the needs of normal to oily skin suffering from dehydration. Enriched with vegetal peptides and chrono-energizers, it restores the skin and boosts its vital functions.