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Margaret Wingate, LE
Lesa M. Wingate, LE AE
Electrologist and Aesthetician

The Everything Pencil™:

Camouflage Makeup Concealer for Face & Body that
Covers Up Everything… For Everybody… Every Day  Quick & Easy Coverage for Your Life on the Go!

  • Under Eye Circle Concealer
  • Cover Up Makeup for Age Spots
  • Scar Cover Up Makeup
  • Broken Capillary Cover Makeup
  • Bruises & Birthmarks Concealer
  • Spider Vein Cover Makeup
  • Coverage Makeup for Scars and Acne
  • It’s also an Eye Shadow Base, Lipstick Lock & Highlighter
  • Six Corrective Colors Can be Used Alone or Mixed to Create Your Perfect Shade
  • Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Formula
  • Fragrance Free & Doctor Approved
  • Best Pencil Concealer, Scar Cover Up Makeup, and Age Spot Concealer
  • Your Everything Pencil™ Purchase Comes with One Free Sharpener