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Other Hair Removal Treatments

Types of Hair Removal The Basics Best For Location Lasts How Long Ouch Factor Cost Factor Expert Tips
Electrolysis Electrical current cauterizes
each hair follicle with a thin
metal probe, permanently
eliminating the hair
Small to medium areas.
The hair is removed in cycles and the hair will grow back in cycles, therefore the method will seem to take longer.
Electrologists are licensed by the NC Board of Electrolysis Examiners (NCBEE). Names of licensed electrologists can be found on or call 336-856-1010 or email: The only method FDA recognizes as permanent A warm stinging sensation Cost will vary, consult technician. Hourly charge can vary from $50.00 to $100.00/hr. Avoid caffeine before treatment. Let hair grow a couple of days before treatment. Cannot tweeze or use any other type of method during process.
Laser Beams of light directed to the follicle can claim reduction. People with light skin and dark hair for best results. Lasers do not work on white, light, blond, red and gray hair. Any part of the body but more recommended for large areas, such as backs, legs and arms. Laser hair removal practitioners are licensed by the (NCBEE) off-site: Dermatology spa and laser hair removal centers: laser technicians are not licensed and are required to have a licensed physician-on-site. Through the growth cycle. 8-13 weeks. Most recommend 5 to 8 sessions to see a significant reduction. Some say it feels like a bee sting or a rubber band snapping the skin. About $60 to $150 for parts of face or other areas; $200 to $400 a session for larger areas. Discounts are usually offered if you buy a package of sessions. Don’t pluck hairs or use lotion before treatment.
Do Shave.
The lighter your skin, the better it works. So wait until your tan fades.
Stay out of the sun after treatment.
Waxing Warm wax is spread over the area, and then pulled off along with your hair. It lasts longer than shaving, but it hurts. Any part of the face and body Spas, beauty salons and some nail salons. Home waxing kits are available. Three to six weeks Like a stick bandage getting ripped off. $10-$20 —eyebrows or upper lip;
$50 -$80 —full legs;
$25 to $50 —bikini area.
Don’t tan 24 hours before or after waxing. If you’re worried about the pain, take a painkiller beforehand.
Shaving The most common hair removal method, it’s quick, simple and cheap. But it doesn’t last long. Legs, underarms, face (for men and some women) At home, men get a professional shave from a barber or a grooming center. As little as 1 day and no more than 2 days at most Razor bumps or nicks; painless $.20 $15. per razor; $15 to $30 for a professional men’s facial shave at a barber or grooming center. Change blades every 3 – 5 shaves; use a softening gel or cream; try
one of the new razors with built-in skin conditioner.
Sugaring Like waxing, but a mix of sugar, lemon juice and water is used instead. Doesn’t work as well as wax on coarse hair. Those with skin too sensitive for waxing Local spas and salons Three to six weeks Like a bandage getting ripped off, though it doesn’t pull on the skin as much as wax. About the same as wax. Works best if hair is at lease one-quarter inch long.
Chemical Depilatories A cream or gel made with a strong chemical that dissolves the hair just below the surface Anywhere except eyebrows, which are too close to the eye Over the counter in drugstores, big box stores and more A little longer than shaving. Typically, a few days. Painless, unless your skin has a reaction to the product. From $4- $20, depending on the brand name and the size of the area targeted. Its strong chemicals can irritate skin, so test it first on the inside of your forearm. Make sure you select a product made for the part of the body you are targeting.
Threading Cotton thread is twisted along the skin, trapping hairs and lifting them out of the follicle. Small flat areas on the face of the skin. Local spas, malls, salons and nail salons. Three to six weeks. Some say it lasts longer than waxing. Feels like a series of small pinches. It’s less painful on fuzzy, soft hair. Coarse hair is more painful than waxing. Can cause ingrown hairs. $10 – $20 for eyebrows or upper lip Avoid caffeine before a treatment. If you’re worried about the pain, take a painkiller before your appointment.
Vaniqa A prescription cream to slow the growth of facial hair FDA allows it for the face only. To be used with other methods. Must be prescribed by a doctor Takes weeks to work slows growth but doesn’t stop Painless Costs $50/tube. Not covered by most insurance. Lasts about 2 months. Vaniqa is designed to be used with another method